Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness w/ Seat Belt Tether

$ 20.99

Make it easy to buckle Fido in and go for a walk! 
As dog owners our designers know a harness has to be easy to put on or it will not be used. As a result, the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness is the easiest to use harness available today. Kurgo followed up a great design with high quality automotive materials such as seat belt webbing and a padded chest piece for added comfort and safety. 

  • Protects dogs, drivers and passengers on the road. 
  • Broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort.
  • Can be safely used with the Kurgo Auto Zip Line and any vehicle seatbelt.
  • Includes a seat belt loop.
  • Functions as an auto or walking harness 


  • Small: 10-25lbs 
  • Medium: 25-50lbs 
  • Large: 50-80lbs 
  • Extra Large: 80+lbs 

Dimensions: 7"w x 13"h x 2"d 

Materials: Harness - Nylon webbing 


  • Black
  • Brown
  • Khaki
  • Red

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