PetAlive FCV Protect

$ 41.95

FCV Protect is an FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients. FCV Protect should be administered for feline respiratory health and to provide support to the immune system especially of vulnerable kittens and pregnant queens. This remedy is completely safe for kittens and pregnant queens with no risk to the unborn kittens. FCV Protect is taken internally and may also be very helpful in providing systemic and immune system support. The tiny granules are easy to administer (even to animals that will not swallow tablets) and are simply sprinkled on the back of the tongue and left to dissolve.


FCV Protect is a 100% homeopathic formula and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Allium cepa (30C), Borax (30C), Phos (30C), Pulsatilla (30C).

  • Allium cepa (30C) is a remedy that is well known for its supportive effect on the respiratory tract. Allium cepa also has a long history of use in maintaining clear eyes and noses.   
  • Borax (30C) is a white crystalline mineral, mainly used for mouth ulcers and cold sores. Cats that would benefit from this remedy are usually impatient and easily irritable – with expressions that are anxious and earnest. They are easily startled by noise, and their sleep is easily disturbed. Physical symptoms relate to the mucus membrane of the mouth, nose, gastric tract and genitals.
  • Phos (30C) is mostly derived from North Africa in volcanic regions and is commonly known as calcium phosphate. It is commonly used for severe coughs and a sore throat.
  • Pulsatilla (30C) was used medicinally in Ancient Greece to cure weepy eyes. In Roman times it was used for eye conditions and tooth hygiene. It is also used for cough and colds, congested catarrh and blocked noses.

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