PetAlive Aggression Formula

$ 38.95

Aggression Formula is a safe, non-addictive, FDA registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to relieve acute symptoms of aggression and soothe socially inept and easily agitated pets. Aggression Formula contains ingredients well known to support peaceful attitudes, thereby contributing to socialization efforts and helping your pet to relax. Aggression Formula comes in convenient, dissolvable granule form. Safe and easy to administer, these pleasant tasting granules are simply sprinkled on your pet's tongue and rapidly absorbed in the mouth. Aggression Formula may be administered daily or used occasionally for pets who need it only for specific situations. If there is difficulty administering directly in the mouth, the granules may be sprinkled in a favorite treat.


Aggression Formula is a 100% homeopathic formula and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Arsen alb (30C), Belladonna (30C), Chamomilla (3X), Hepar sulph (30C), Sucrose, Scutellaria (3X).

  • Scutellaria (3X) is a well-regarded homeopathic remedy for treating anxiety and other nervous disorders. It may be used for situational anxiety linked to a stressful event (e.g. a trip to the vet or a competitive event) or for more chronic nervous conditions. Scutellaria encourages calm behavior while also soothing tempered pets (Wolfson, P. and Hoffmann, D. L. “An investigation into the efficacy of Scutellaria lateriflora in healthy volunteers." Altern Ther Health Med 2003;9(2):74-78.).
  • Chamomilla (3X) has been used by European naturopaths for centuries. It has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and calming properties and will help soothe your pet and reduce symptoms of stress. In one cardiac study, patients fell asleep soon after drinking Chamomile tea (Gould, L., Reddy, C. V., and Gomprecht, R. F. "Cardiac effects of chamomile tea." J Clin.Pharmacol. 1973;13(11):475-479.).
  • Belladonna (30C) is a proven homeopathic remedy included in this formula for its positive effects on highly strung and oversensitive animals that are prone to sudden fits of aggression which tend to manifest physically in the form of scratching, biting or hissing.
  • Arsen alb (30C) is a proven natural remedy used to support the affectionate and sensitive pet that nevertheless tends to become easily agitated and restless, often needing a lot of reassurance. Pets that have a tendency toward jealousy would also find this ingredient beneficial.
  • Hepar sulph (30C) is often recommended for oversensitive, restless personality types who hide their angst by displaying irritability and as well as those who take unreasonable likes or dislikes to others.
  • Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

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