PetEgo Hammock Car Seat Pet Protector

$ 104.50

Emanuele Bianchi designed Hammock Car Seat Pet Protector. Constructed with extremely durable polyester "canvas" while the underside is made with an anti-skid mesh so your seat protector will stay put.

Your dog will be safe and secure and your vehicle's interior will be protected with this pet seat cover. The Hammock Seat Protector has ingenious neoprene belts the keeping the two lower corners solidly anchored to the seat. Additionally our clever headrest belt can be used to cross around the seat "shoulder" if the headrest is not available (usually on older cars). Tan or Gray. 


  • Car Size: 51 3/4" x 63 5/8"
  • SUV Size:  58 3/4" x 64 1/4"
  • Available in Grey or Tan
  • Durable hammock-style car seat protector
  • Made from durable canvass-like material that is easy to clean and won't tear with paws nails
  • Non-skid mesh backing keeps car seat protector in place
  • Adjustable belts secure protector to most all makes and models

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