Our Journey to Whole Pet Care June 28 2014

Being a pet owner has been such an incredible journey for us and has ultimately led us to starting Petiquette Dogs. When we first began toying with the idea of starting a business, the logical choice for us was something dog related. Dogs are my passion. Dog training, dog health, and overall animal welfare. We started Petiquette out of a desire to provide quality products that meet the needs of the whole pet. This includes bedding, crates, training tools, homeopathic and herbal remedies, and even Young Living Essential Oils that can be used for the health and welfare of dogs and cats. 


When Abbey was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I began to look into why that would have happened. It didn't make sense to me that thyroid issues would be so common in our domestic dogs, and treated so nonchalantly by the veterinary community, so I began to do some research. My research led me to what I was feeding. At the time, we were feeding what we believed was a high quality kibble. After reading website after website and book after book, I stumbled upon Prey Model Raw. Before finding out about PMR, I was under the impression that feeding a raw diet needed to be something complicated and time consuming. I thought that dogs had to be fed this elaborately prepared mixture of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates and I was incredibly skeptical. I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that a dog needed vegetables! Wolves didn't eat veggies so why would I need to feed them to my dog?! Finding out about PMR was a revelation. The idea behind PMR is that you feed large pieces of meat, bone and organ in the proportions that mimic what a dog or wolf would eat in the wild since domestic dogs share approximately 99% of the same DNA as wolves.


Meat, bone and organ. That was it. Supplemented with a little soy free fish oil to get the Omega 3s back into balance. That's it. It was as though a light bulb went off over my head. This made sense! We started feeding raw shortly after that and have since seen an incredible transformation in our Leonberger, Abbey. At 6 years old, she was acting OLD. She was limping, fat, and grumpy. She had no energy to play or walk. Now, at 8, she's like a dog half her age. She runs and plays and jumps. She's lean and muscular. 


After seeing the results of a species appropriate raw fed diet for Abbey, we started investigating other holistic ideas, including minimal vaccination, alternative flea and tick treatments, and testing for heartworm instead of giving heartworm preventatives. Abbey has never been healthier or happier. I’ve also been privileged enough to help other pet owners transition their dogs and cats to a healthier life through raw feeding and the use of Young Living Essential Oils. I’m even more passionate about a healthy pet through holistic living than I’ve ever been and Matt and I are so excited to be able to bring that passion to our customers through Petiquette Dogs. 


If you have any questions about raw feeding,  Young Living Essential Oils, or any other products that we can offer, please reach out to us at info@petiquettedogs.com or send us a Facebook message on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/petiquettedogs.